Upgrade Your B & H Labeler

If you need to upgrade your labelers, B & H can help. We offer a variety of new labeler components for installed equipment. B & H Upgrades will improve the performance of older installed labelers as well as extend the useful life of older, installed labelers. We can also replace obsolete electrical and mechanical components that have been discontinued by the original equipment manufacturer.

Complete Controls Upgrade (CCU) Kit

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The B & H Complete Controls Upgrade (CCU) is an aftermarket offering from B & H designed to extend the useful life of any BH8000, BH1600 or BH2000 labeler. The CCU is based on the latest PLC, Servo and VFD controls and hardware made by Allen-Bradley. The upgrade package has been designed, configured and programmed to reduce the operating costs and improve the performance of any BH8000, BH1600 o rBH2000 labeler.

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