B & H Refurbished Labelers

If you are interested in buying or selling a pre-owned B & H labeler you have come to the right place. We offer pre-owned B & H labelers for sale in as-is, reconditioned, and rebuilt conditions.

B&H Labeler Rebuild or Reconditioning

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Have a B & H Labeler you want to keep in service bit it needs more than a few minor repairs? Have a B & H labeler in storage that you want to put back into service? Find a used B & H labeler that you would like to buy and then get it back into tip-top condition? If this sounds like your situation, B & H offers three options for restoring your B & H labeler to production ready condition. All three options are designed to address any mechanical or electrical issues with your B & H labeler that negatively impact speed, labeling quality, uptime, ease of change-over and ease of set-up.

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