Date Submitted: 06-20-2012 6:00 p.m.
Review Date: 01-01-2012 0:00 a.m.
B & H Model Number: BH8000U
Serial Number: Unknown
Configuration: U
Cutter: 3-Station
Category: For Sale By Owner
Subcategory: As-is
B & H Evaluation Available?: Field Assessment - With Power & Compressed Air
Contact First Name: Joaquin
Contact Last Name: Fernandez
Contact Phone: 34339245
Contact Email:
Location City: Guadalajara
Location Country: Mexico
Photo 1:
Photo 1 Caption: Front of labeler
Photo 2:
Photo 2 Caption: Back of labeler
Photo 3:
Photo 3 Caption: Above tabletop of labeler
Photo 4:
Photo 4 Caption: Below tabletop of labeler
Photo 5:
Photo 5 Caption: Closeup of the operator control panel
Photo 6:
Photo 6 Caption: Closeup of the main electrical cabinet (with doors open)
Photo 7 Image:
Photo 8:
Photo 9 Image:
Photo 10 Image: